Wednesday, 3 December 2008

And what did she learn?

I just wanted to close the subject of the last post regarding my negative judgement and determination to see through said judgement due to being aware that there was surely something about myself that it served to highlight for me to overcome.

This was indeed the case and I did indeed learn a lot. The expanse of which I will not go into here suffice to say that I am humbled by the whole situation and very grateful to Adrian for simply being himself and for the part he unknowingly played in yet another leap in my journey of personal growth. I don't think I could ever describe exactly what / how this happened so I'm not going to try! A few thoughts relating to the matter ...

Judge not others lest you be judged yourself.
In fact scrap that - judge yourself using the judgement you find yourself placing upon others.
Go out into your world, do exactly what you fear the most, and observe yourself carefully.
And, ultimately:
Observe without judgement

In case you're interested I'm now back in Auckland staying with my second cousin-in-law and learning of family history that I didn't know existed. My great uncle Cyril had a book published! There is something interesting about the Drew family after all!!

Also last night I span fire.

Today I helped a class of 9 year olds at a Steiner school build a wall with mud/straw bricks they made last week.

More random facts:
The god of wine is called Dionysus.
Everything is perceptual
I found the giant kauri in the forest
I got drenched in the rain on the way out of the forest whilst listening to Metallica's Black Album!
Fear is not a reason for quitting, it is only an excuse.
Self control is bound to be challenging.
Kat is incapable of being anything less than philosophical. Sorry.
Actually no, I'm not sorry, I love it!

Kat is enjoying saying YES a lot.