Friday, 15 April 2011

some kind of something but not entirely

I am so bored of my frustration

I want a lightbulb of inspiration

And to get back my motivation

My excitement and joy

My restless forward motion

Does this have to be on my own?

Is it possible to be in partnership and have all of this?

Apparently I create my own reality, entirely

Whatever I believe... Is.

Reinforcing my feelings of unhappiness will only create more of the same

Which way is up?

'Maybe' seems to be the only answer to most of the questions, or at least the general outline

I know that no-one truly knows what they're doing or where they're going

That the only time is now

This present moment ever flowing

Or so they say

And i see this truth to some extent


Empty, void, hollow

These are the words coming to me

If I share with you my joy

Can you also celebrate my misery?

Accept right now that both these states are experienced by me

In this infinite journey of being free.

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