Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Hong Kong and Auckland

Guys this is gonna be tough, I really should be figuring out my next move instead of attempting to rewrite my last week's ones! But still, here's a list of activities so far completed, if I tried to detail all the beautiful details it would go on forever, so we'll see what happens...

Hong Kong. In one word... mental! Absolutely astonishingly large buildings that I cannot comprehend the engineering of. I mean, how on earth do you build a structure that has 80 floors AND overhanging sides? I was lucky to discover a building with an observation lift that went up to floor 56. Rising up the side of a building as the night skyline opens up around you is a very unique experience. And as much as I did enjoy the epicness of it all, I could not help but think how wrong it was that this all exists when there are people in the world without so much as fresh water to drink. So yeh, after a day and a half I was ready to leave the big city!

Stilll, the fireworks display that took place above the harbour on the night of my arrival to celebrate China's national day was probably the most epic I have ever seen. And I tasted real Chinese hot and sour Pork. As well as meeting a group of Philipinos and sharing a traditional meal with them. And taking the Star Ferry across the harbour, standing in amongst the flashing skyscrapers as they put on their nightly light show, taking the train and seeing some of the suburbs, wandering around endless streets and markets and....phew!!!!

Arriving in Auckland at 7am after an 11 hour flight to be greeted at Arrivals by the two friendly faces of Paul and Dan - for those of you that don't know, they are friends of my Bournemouth housemate Jon who has travelled in New Zealand in the past - I was happy to be wisked off to breakfast. Was rather dizzy all day due to the lack of sleep and excess of alcohol (it was free on the plane, what can I say?) and also the fact that I hadn't really had to have any proper conversations for days on end so my articulation skills had gone a bit skew whiff.

Anyhow the guys are lovely and I am staying in Paul's house in Auckland's North Shore and it's so beautiful here. I was taken out to party in Auckland with them on Saturday night which involved live bands, fire spinning performers, hula hoop hanging performers, a group of drummers, a drum'n'bass club, lots of booze, dancing, a little memory loss and a dreamy morning-after followed by a hazy day of laughter, amazing food and Belgian beer shared with Paul, Adam and Nancy at Mission Bay (this is where I tried the oysters)....

It took a while to sink in, well hey it hasn't realy sunk in completely but the fact that I am now here, I have complete control over what happens next, where I go, who I meet, what I do. The place is amazing, the people are so friendly, everything makes sense - the food, the landscape, the culture, the music, I am gushingly happy about being here!!

Yesterday I jumped off the Auckland Skytower. 192metres. It's a base jump by wire so there's some freefall followed by a controlled fall at 85kph and then you're brought to a gentle stop on the ground. I did it twice, forwards and backwards. The first time I laughed and laughed, the second time was also cool but you know I would've preferred to feel the freefall. It's quite surreal hovering over the streets below and just jumping, watching buildings around you as you fall. But I wouldn't say it was totally amazing. I guess I need bigger thrills! Hmm, I wonder how I will cope when it comes to the AJ Hackett Bunjee in Queenstown. We'll see if I eat my words eh? I think the point is that I need to be careful what extreme things I choose to spend my money on even though I clearly want to try everything!

There is so much that I haven't even mentioned in this blog about what I have done but it's so long already! It's just freeflow writing really. And I think it's time to stop now.

I hope all of you that are reading this are reallly well and taking care of yourselves and enjoying your lives. It doesn't matter where in the world any of us are, or what situation we are in, the power of our own minds can garner enjoyment from anything. Or change the situation if you can eh?!

love to all


Annie said...

Groovy baby!! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time.
Love ya loads

Rob the Riff said...

Yay! Sounds like you're having a great time me lovely, those wire base jumps make me feel wobbly...x